Q & A

(1) Please book through our web site, press BOOK NOW button, our booking system will bring you to services menu which clearly states salon location, items, price, duration and explanation. Please tick the services you are looking for, then choose suitable time, prefered stylist and provide your details. After you finish booking, you will receive a notification of your booking, it states your booking details, including name of stylist, total duration and estimated cost.

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(5) Please call us by (03) 8686 5701  or 8686 5702.

(6) We do take walk in clients, but clients may need to wait when we are busy.

(7) We accept email booking too, please provide your detail and request with us, we will book for you and send confirmation email to you.

(8) We accept message booking from Instagram, Messenger.

We do not take deposit for styling and cutting services. We take deposit for long hours duration jobs, such like foils and Keratin Treatment, and group booking on Friday and Saturday.

NO SHOW is a killer for hair salon. We understand that clients can’t make their appointments because of  some certain reasons, however please give us a notification even with just one hour notice, it will help the business and other people who need services for urgency. We really appreciate if you could advise us for cancelation. You can call, send message via email, Instagram or Facebook.

As a courtesy, please remember to contact us as soon as you know that you will be unable to make you scheduled appointment and we would be happy to rebook for you. If you missed your appointment or fail to give us less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be required to pay 50% of your service total.

Blow dry is also called blow out in some places, this service includes washing hair.

For blow dry services, stylists dry the hair with ceramic round brush, rolling hair ends with the hair dryer on a high heat. After hair has been dried, roll it up tightly, blow   cold air on them for a few minutes using the hair dryer. This will set your curls. Then, straighten your ends by pulling your brush through while  drying; it builds up a wavy or curly hair.

This method could make loose waves, or bouncy curls. Those curls may drop off in a few hours if client’s hair doesn’t have good elasticity, or if their hair sits in very humid air. But client’s hair is kept clean, shine, sleek and loose. Normally, we suggest clients to add up heated tools curls to firm styles if their hair doesn’t hold blow dry curls for long time.

Otherwise, stylists could use a particular blow dry skill, called twisty blow dry or Boho Blow Dry. The ‘Boho’ is basically the new curly blow dry. It’s a more casual finish. The look is more of a beachy wave as opposed to the ‘done’ look of a curly blow dry. You can put some textured hair spray through your ‘boho’ curls to give them that authentic beachy look.

Recently, the most popular styling method is using Iron or tongs to make curls. This method can build up firm and different size curls.  After using wide tooth comb and proper setting up, the result is very similar with brush blow dry but last longer.

This is a quick style method. Stylists make curls on dry hair after spray on heat protector. Normally, we suggest clients wash their hair one night before without using any hair styling products. Stylists may do quick blasting on their hair to smooth it first, and then make curls according to client’s request.  If clients want to have volume, stylists can use Back Comb or Volume Powder to build it.

The round brush curls are looser and 3-dimentional visually, but may not last long for certain reasons. Tongs and iron curls are a little bit of flat but firmer. However, there is not too much visible difference between two kinds of curls, if client only wants loose and bouncy curls.

Tongs or iron can make various curls because there are a lot of sizes and shapes tongs and irons for salon use. Blow dry can make very natural volume and sleek look for hair. Stylists may use both of methods to achieve the best style for clients.

Yes, very fine or damaged hair is suitable to do Blow Dry or Heated Tools Curls after professional preparation, but is not good for frequent hot styling process. For casual needs, it is totally fine.

Firstly, we repair hair in professional way. If we realize the client’s hair doesn’t have good condition, we normally use particular shampoos and masks to wash and treat hair. The products we use contain rich plant protein and essence; it would help to add up moisture and short chain protein into hair which helps to reduce damaging hair from heating.

For very fine and damaged hair, we suggest clients to try LOW HEAT STYLING such like using low heat roller, or up styles.

This service doesn’t include hair wash, we suggest clients wash their hair the night before, and do not use any hair styling products. The Express Up style only for some kinds of simple styles, such like  simple Hair Bun, straight Pony Tail, or Pin Up after curling hair.

This service also doesn’t include hair wash, we suggest clients wash hair the night before, and do not use any hair styling products. Stylists take some time to prepare hair with tools or products. The styles are created by stylists themselves to match client’s face shape or dress. Otherwise, clients could ask for particular styles or preference.

Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. It gives a really blended natural look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines, the colour will be blended into all your hair by particular patterns.

Balayage   is a much more visual technique, meaning unlike  highlights   that follow a sectioning    pattern,  balayage   allows your colourist to personalise your colour placement. The  difference between balayage  and foiled  highlights  is the lack of foil and/or wrap those packets the hair being lightened away.  In general, balayage    does take a bit longer   than   foil  because the  stylist goes through piece by piece to customize the color. 

Ombré means to shadow, and it’s a seamless gradiation from    darker to lighter.  There’s no stripy look like you can get with foil highlights. Balayage    emulates the parts of your   hair   that would naturally lighten in the sun. Sometimes, full head balayage is similar as Ombre.  

Yes. The scientists      have conducted extensive testing and research to ensure that the keratin products are 100% safe for application, on skin, on hair, and as nutritional products for ingestion.

Yes, it is possible for damaged hair to be repaired; however this can only be achieved with Juvexin Functional Keratin protein. This is because Juvexin rebuilds the keratin protein present in damaged hair, binding strongly in a way hydrolyzed keratin cannot do. This is possible with Juvexin as the keratin structure essential for binding has been maintained. Hydrolyzed keratin has lost the form, structure and function needed for to bind strongly and repair damaged hair.

If    the hair is in perfect condition then Juvexin keratins will deposit on the surface and form a shield, protecting the hair from damage. However, if hair is damaged then the hair structure is opened up and Juvexin keratins penetrate into the fiber and bind to the internal structure, rebuilding the damaged proteins to restore strength and condition to the fiber. Hydrolyzed keratins cannot bind in the same way to the hair as they do not have the structure required. We have studied the penetration of Juvexin keratins into the hair structure using microscopy to prove that they penetrate and stay bound inside the hair.  

Keratin from wool is almost exactly the same as the keratin in your hair. The Juvexin technology takes care to maintain the keratin structure when isolating it from wool, and so Juvexin functional keratin is almost exactly the same as the keratin in your hair. This makes it ideal for repairing the damaged keratin in your hair. Hydrolyzed keratin is much less like the keratin in your hair because it is substantially altered during manufacturing and as a result has lost the important protein structure. Hydrolyzed keratin is not able to repair hair in the way that Juvexin can.

Some hair care products state that they contain hair identical proteins. These are proteins that have been analyzed and shown to contain a series of Hair identical proteins can only be produced using our proprietary keratin extraction technology.

Hair straightening treatments are often marketed as treatment. However, they most often contain hydrolyzed keratins, which are very different from the keratin in your hair. Hydrolyzed keratins are very small groups of amino acids joined together, sometimes individual amino acids that have lost all of the form and function of the original keratin during the harsh process used to extract them the keratin source. Sometimes the hydrolyzed keratins are extracted from animal by products, such as horn or hooves. Juvexin keratin is extracted only from pure New Zealand wool without any harm to animal. The proteins maintain form and function and so bring repairing and restoring benefits to the hair. Juvexin keratin can be considered hair identical and are the keratins best suited to keratin treatments and after care.

No. The keratin in salon hair straightening treatment is included to protect and restore the hair from the chemical used in many straightening treatment. These chemicals are designed to lock the hair straight by binding to the protein and can cause damage such as brittleness and weakening of the hair. Aldehyde based chemicals such as formaldehyde is often used. The role of keratin is to try and keep the hair in good condition following the treatment.